GT-Roller Q1.1

We hope an every cyclist enjoy cycling irrespective of time and place.
We want you to ride a bicycle to your heart’s content indoors regardless of the weather comdition, day and night.
We remove the gap of indoors between outdoors and provide you with a new life of bicycle.


◆Easier to ride than you can imagine
The smooth, stable feel over a wide range of speeds from super slow to ultrafast makes using these rollers easy even for beginners. Moreover, it is also “extremely stable” when used for race training and offers a riding feel similar to the actual road.

◆Possible to dance on the pedals out of the saddle andthe enjoyment increases themore you use it
The bicycle can be freely manipulated, including dancing out of the saddle, slalom, goal line sprint and downhill position.
The enjoyment increases the more you ride and the more you become accustomed to the feel! You will feel good using these rollers for all of your training.

◆Can be used to imitate hills and for hill climb training
Using the front elevator function, practical hill climb training is possible. 
With the optional load unit, extremely steep grades exceeding 10% can be reproduced.



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