GROWTAC creates new value that will remain a part of cycling history.

New value – Providing value that cyclists have never before experienced
Remain a part of cycling history – The value must be recognized by cyclists

GROWTAC will continue to work to make ”cycling the most enjoyable!”


About GROWTAC’s products

GROWTAC is currently developing and selling products based on the Equal (=) Concept.
“Bikes” can be used by everyone from children to seniors; for trips to the supermarket or several hundred kilometers long; and in races from the local level to the Olympics.
Also, they don’t require a license.
There is no other vehicle that is so open to so many people.
GROWTAC wants to contribute to a freer, more open cycling life that is not dependent on having free time, the weather or physical attributes.
We have named this ideal the Equal Concept.

・GT-Roller Series

・BRUCUT Series
 We want you to be able to enjoy cycling without being limited by the time or weather.
 We want the indoors to equal the outdoors.

・Adjuster pin for ergo levers
 We want you to be able to choose the bracket, which is an important part of road bikes, without worrying about the manufacturer.
 Also, we want to make the levers fully operable by small hands.

2009 Company was founded
2014 Incorporated as GROWTAC, Inc.
Tokyo office
6-5-11-3F, Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0013, Japan


Hello, I am Masayuki Kimura, President of GROWTAC.
GROWTAC is a manufacturer that designs and sells products for sport cycling.
On the bike, the rider (you) plays the leading role.
My intent is to make things that are strongly needed by cyclists rather than being overly concerned with whether or not it will sell.
My goal is for GROWTAC products to make everyone’s cycling life more fun!
I hope you will enjoy our products!