EQUAL Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper Set

The EQUAL mechanical disc brake caliper set is one of the best in the world for braking power and lightness.
They also offer the ease of maintenance that only mechanical systems can provide.
For fine braking in races. Or for troubleshooting on long rides.
This is a next-generation braking system that is useful in a variety of situations.

Experience the braking that’s right for you!

The EQUAL mechanical disc brake calipers provide a high level of braking power that rivals that of hydraulic disc brakes, thanks to the total design of the calipers, cables, pads, and other components.In addition, the”brake-leverage adjustment function” allows you to adjust the braking force according to your weight and preference. Experience the braking that is just right for you.

Choose your favorite color.

For our beloved bicycles, even a single part should be in a particular color. EQUAL mechanical disc brake caliper are available in a variety of colors.


One of the lightest mechanical disc brake calipers in the world.

To achieve both high rigidity and lightness, high-strength duralumin was used, and almost all parts of the caliper were machined with high precision. The caliper weighs 136 grams (including brake pads. Flat mount.), making it one of the lightest mechanical disc brake calipers in the world. The entire brake system, including cables and other components, is as light as a high-grade hydraulic brake system. It is also recommended for serious racers and hill climbers who are concerned about weight.

Total design of brake systems

Total design of the brake system, including cables and pads. Special hard outer casing with less deformation for high transmission efficiency. The inner cable is a slick stainless steel cable for lightness of lever pull. The brake pads are made of resin-based ceramic semi-metal (EVO RESIN) friction material and aluminum back plates for high braking power and durability. All the performance you need for your brakes in high quality. Of course, it all comes as a set.

Brake-leverage adjustment function

Equipped with the world’s first brake leverage adjustment function. The brake power can be adjusted to suit your weight and preference. Whether you want to emphasize control or increase the initial braking power, you can do it as you like.

Optimization of cable routing

We paid attention to the cable routing. Optimal cable routing reduces sliding resistance, resulting in a lighter lever pull and improved transmission efficiency. It also makes installation easier and looks better.

Let’s learn about disc brake systems.

Disc brakes are now the norm, but what kind of braking system is a disc brake anyway? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic and mechanical systems, and why did EQUAL develop mechanical disc brakes?
This is a summary of EQUAL’s thoughts on disc brake systems. If you are interested, please take a look at the Concept and Data below.

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For more detailed information about the product, including instruction manuals, Concept and Data, etc., please see the following

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Mechanical disc brake caliper set_Eng_FAQ

EQUAL mechanical disc brake calipers can be used with short-pull* brake levers that actuate the brake with a cable, just like rim brakes. Brake levers for hydraulic disc brakes cannot be used.

*The term “short-pull” may be described as follows:

  • For road bikes
  • For cantilever brakes
  • For caliper brakes
  • For mini V-brake (Not compatible with V-brake levers.)

Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, etc. have different lever ratios due to differences in design, but our brake calipers are designed for the median value of each company, so they can be used with any manufacturer. We have actually confirmed that our brake calipers can be used with new and old brake levers from Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, and other manufacturers without any problems.

Regarding the unavailability of levers for V-brake

The lever ratio of the V-brake lever is different from that of the short-pull lever; braking force is weaker when the V-brake lever is used than when the short-pull lever is used. Since the performance cannot be achieved as originally designed, it is not available for use.

In principle, brake pad clearance adjustment should be made with the pad adjustment screw.

If the brake-leverage adjustment bolt is used, the position of the outer pad will change, but so will the brake-leverage.
Also, a large change may enter the Danger Zone, which is dangerous.

Only if you are outside and do not have an Allen wrench, or if the brake pads have worn out significantly and it is dangerous not to adjust the brake pull allowance, etc., use the brake-leverage adjustment bolt to adjust the brake pads.

Even in such a case, if you still enter the Danger Zone when squeezing the brake lever, stop riding.

If you want to change the rear rotor to 160mm diameter, you need to use an adapter made by another manufacturer.

In the case of TRP adapters, they can be used as they are.
In the case of Shimano adapters, the mounting screws are of special specifications. The pin part interferes with the caliper, so it needs to be cut.

Please follow the installation instructions for the adapter.

Before installing a disc brake caliper on a bike, the piston may not return when the swing arm is moved by hand.

This occurs because the piston and shaft have become misaligned due to turning it all the way to the Danger Zone.

If the piston does not return, push the swing arm fixing screw (check the dealer manual) to return the piston and shaft to the correct position.

This will not occur when the product is installed and used on a bike.

We recommend using EQUAL genuine brake pads.

If you use other manufacturers’ products, Shimano road bike type brake pads (without fins) can be used. Pads with cooling fins cannot be used because the fins interfere with brake caliper body.

Taking Shimano products as example, K04 (metal), K03 (resin), K05S-RX (successor to K03), etc. can be used.

In this case, use the dedicated EQUAL brake pad fixing screws.

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Brake Caliper Type
Flat mount
Post mount
Compatible lever
Not compatible with V-brake levers.(Short pull)
Caliper body weight
Flat mount 136g
Post mount 137g
Flat mount USD 365.00
Post mount USD 405.00
1 year
Specification parts

Flat mount
Disc brake caliper x2
Cable set x2
Adapter set for flat mount (Front, 140mm/160mm) x1
Mounting bolt set for flat mount (Rear)x1

Post mount
Disc brake caliper x2
Cable set x2


  • Do not install the parts if you are not an expert on bicycles. If you are not sure about the work, ask a professional store to do the work.
  • If you have any questions about the contents of this manual, please do not attempt to install the parts. If you have any questions about the contents of this manual, please contact the dealer where you purchased the product or mail to GROWTAC.
  • GROWTAC is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by accidents that occur during use it other than defects in the product. (This includes incorrect installation, lack of maintenance, etc.)
  • Concept and Data regarding the design and features of this product are available on our website.
  • We recommend that you read this information before using the product.
  • Dealer’s Manual for dealers and other people with expertise in bicycles are available on our website.
  • Actual color may be different from one in the photo.

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