What brake levers can I use?

  • 2023.07.28

EQUAL mechanical disc brake calipers can be used with short-pull* brake levers that actuate the brake with a cable, just like rim brakes. Brake levers for hydraulic disc brakes cannot be used.

*The term “short-pull” may be described as follows:

  • For road bikes
  • For cantilever brakes
  • For caliper brakes
  • For mini V-brake (Not compatible with V-brake levers.)

Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, etc. have different lever ratios due to differences in design, but our brake calipers are designed for the median value of each company, so they can be used with any manufacturer. We have actually confirmed that our brake calipers can be used with new and old brake levers from Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, and other manufacturers without any problems.

Regarding the unavailability of levers for V-brake

The lever ratio of the V-brake lever is different from that of the short-pull lever; braking force is weaker when the V-brake lever is used than when the short-pull lever is used. Since the performance cannot be achieved as originally designed, it is not available for use.

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