Introducing the EQUAL new products for 2023, from the Taipei Cycle Show!

Introducing the EQUAL new products for 2023, from the Taipei Cycle Show!

This article introduces the products GROWTAC exhibited at the Taipei Cycle Show 2023, as well as new products we have scheduled to be released in the future that were not at the show. Whether you were at the show or not, take a look at our products!

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Concept of EQUAL

EQUAL is a brand of GROWTAC cycle parts.

As of March 2023, only the Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper Set is currently available, but a variety of products are scheduled to be introduced in 2023.

In this article, we will once again introduce the concept of EQUAL and the products scheduled to be introduced in 2023.

Build your own bicycle”

This is our concept.

Sports bikes have developed remarkably in recent years.​ More lightweight, more aerodynamic, wider gear range and multi-speed, electric shifting, hydraulic disc brakes, and so on…​ Bikes and parts have been evolving to be more efficient and faster.

However, as it becomes more efficient, there are fewer choices of parts, and we feel that bicycles are losing some of their freedom and flexibility.

There must be something more than just efficient and fast that you can enjoy in your own way. And each of us has our own personal style of bicycle and enjoy it our own way.​

Let’s reconsider what your own style should be.​ We are sure that you will find it out.​ EQUAL will be the one you can choose to build your own bicycle.​

Express your own style with EQUAL cycle parts!

EQUAL Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper Set

Please see the following page for a product overview.

For detailed product concepts and technical documentation, please see Concept and Data.

EQUAL Adjustable Road Pedal

Many parameters are adjustable on the pedal itself.

A sports bike is built by selecting and adjusting various parts to create a bike that suits you. The frame size, saddle height, handlebar width, stem length, crank length, etc. can all be adjusted in various ways. However, for some reason, pedals are the only part that is difficult to adjust.

The more seriously you ride a sports bike, the more you will encounter various problems related to your legs, such as difficulty in pedaling, pain, and so on. Since each person’s legs are unique, the causes are also different for each person. Therefore, it is necessary to go through a number of trial and error to find the correct solution. In that trial and error process, there are many adjustments that are limited by shoes and cleats.

That is why EQUAL has developed pedals that can be adjusted in a variety of ways. Use EQUAL Adjustable Road Pedal to build a bicycle that fits your legs.

Photos are under development. Actual products may differ.

Adjustable parameters and adjustment ranges

Stack height2.5mm ~ 20.5mm (1mm increments)
Cant angle-4° ~ +4° (0.5° increments)
Pedal center distance47mm, 51mm, 55mm
Fore/aft positon-4mm, 0, +4mm
Cleat rotational angle-2°, 0°, +2°
Values are under development. Actual products may differ.


Assumed weight: approx. 300g, Launch date in Japan: Scheduled for June-July 2023
Estimated price in Japan: 26,000-29,000 yen (including tax)

EQUAL Disc Brake Hub

New standard hub for hand-built wheels in the disc brake era.

The concept is user-friendly hubs. Any hub needs regular maintenance. A well-maintained hub should definitely run better than a poorly maintained, high-end one.
However, maintenance is a bother and many people tend to leave it unattended. It is better to have as little maintenance frequency as possible. And yet, it should be easy to maintain. EQUAL hubs are the answer to such needs.

Designed for ease of maintenance and durability. Simple and rigid shaft structure with a capless design. Good rolling performance and reasonably light weight.

Multiple colors are available, so you can choose the color that best suits your bicycle.

Photos are under development. Actual products may differ.

Less frequent and easy to maintain

  • Simple and effective chemical labyrinth seal
  • No special tools required for overhaul
  • Proper bearing size
  • Automatic pressurization without adjustment

Not only high performance, but easy to use

  • Capless structure to prevent parts from falling off
  • Ratchet system focused on high reliability
  • Three anti-bite guards prevent sprocket bite


100mm O.L.D. / 12mm thru axle
Weight: 123g, Spoke count: 24H (28H to be added)
Center lock disc

142mm O.L.D. / 12mm thru axle
Weight: 222g, Spoke count: 24H (28H to be added)
Center lock disc

Color: Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Gray, Black
Launch date in Japan: Scheduled for April-May 2023
Estimated price in Japan: Front 15,000-18,000 yen, Rear 23,000-26,000 yen (including tax)

EQUAL Control Lever

This product is not on display at the Taipei Cycle Show 2023. Stay tuned for more information!

EQUAL is developing a free control lever (shift/brake lever). These are free and fun levers that are a world apart from conventional shift/brake levers. It allows you to combine parts without any restrictions such as manufacturer, group set, number of speeds, dropper seat post control, and so on.

EQUAL Control Lever is mechanical, not electric, but allows for free combinations. With up to three shift levers and two shift cables, a variety of things can be accomplished.

Prototype mounted on a bike (1x configuration)

Examples of what you can do

  • Stepless (no-Index) shifting control allows shifting from 2 to 13 gears
  • Personalized index plate manufacturing service for easy gear shifting
  • Any shifting parts can be used, whether road or MTB derailleurs. Internal shifting hubs can also be operated
  • Each derailleur can be operated with either hand; FD can be operated with the right hand and RD with the left hand
  • RD can be operated with both hands: right hand for shifting up and left hand for shifting down (paddle shift mode)
  • Dropper seat post operation, MTB fork suspension mode switching, etc. are also possible.
  • Shift levers can be freely combined, and unnecessary levers can be removed.
  • The internal shifting mechanism is also removable, so it can be used as a lightweight brake lever

There are so many ways to use it! You can use your existing gear shifting parts, make the shifting operation easy to use, realize mixed components, and create a free and enjoyable bicycle.

The weight is about 420g for the left and right pair. The hood is compact and comfortable to grip.

Versatility for modern bikes

Up to three shift levers can be mounted. Since the EQUAL Control Lever can operate up to two shift cables on each side, it can be used in a variety of ways depending on how it is used. Of course, unnecessary levers can be removed.

Examples of use

  • Dropper seat post operation
  • MTB fork suspension mode switching
  • RD operation using both hands (paddle shift mode)
  • Switching light direction between high and low beam

Mechanism for high compatibility

EQUAL Control lLever makes it possible to operate any derailleur through stepless shifting and customization of internal components. By replacing pulleys, the amount of shift cable pull can be adjusted to accommodate derailleur operation.

In addition, indexing function can be added by manufacturing and installing an indexing plate. It does not require severe shifting techniques and can be easily handled.

The winding pulley is the part that determines the amount of pull of the shift cable. By changing this pulley size, it is possible to make the operation compatible with various derailleurs.

Therefore, it is necessary to select a pulley that is appropriate for the derailleur and sprocket combination to be used.

Guide to choosing the right pulleys

The index plate is a part that can add an indexing function (click feeling) to the EQUAL Control Lever, which is a friction type (stepless type). By installing this part, it is possible to tell your finger how many gear shifts have been made, thus making shifting operation easier.

Through the Smart Factory (tentative name) ordering system, it is possible to order an index plate that is compatible with the derailleur and sprocket combination to be used.


The hood has a sleek shape that makes it easy for fingers to reach the lever. Curved or flat surfaces are used depending on the location, aiming for a stable shape while reducing interference when gripping.

The brake lever adjuster allows for secure brake lever position adjustment.


Assumed weight: approx. 420g (left and right pair)
Launch date in Japan: Scheduled for November-December 2023
Estimated price in Japan: Standard kit 50,000-60,000 yen (including tax) + option parts

A variety of EQUAL parts will be available in 2023. Please consider EQUAL for your own bicycle. We believe you will enjoy cycling even more than you do now!

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