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・Yusuke Hatanaka
・Mao Chino
・Ryota Nishizono


Yusuke Hatanaka - team UKYO​

hataBorn on June 21, 1985  175cm/62kg


2015 JAPAN PROTOUR Series Champion

Lots of athletes who had used past indoor trainers due to continuing poor weather complained that the trainers didn't give them the power they aimed for, and thus they lost concentration. The reason for this was down to the pure fact that it didn't feel real – it felt like they were just pedalling on a fixed bike.

But the GT-Roller overcomes those feelings. This bicycle uses elastomer to become sensitive to natural movements which require you to keep your balance – just like a real bicycle.

Due to this, it is an indoor training bicycle which doesn't have to be used only in poor weather – it can also be used when you want to practice your skills to a level higher than what a real run can give you. From recovery runs to paced runs, you can even practice dancing with an uphill training option. With the GT-Roller you can train anytime and anywhere. It also trains you to get results – I have found the greatest of equipments.



chinoBorn on September 14, 1982  158cm/48kg

2014 JAPAN FEMININE TOUR Series Champion

Due to the fact that I have to get results from training in a limited amount of time, a roller bicycle was a must-have piece of equipment for me. When I tried out the GT-Roller, the first things that came to mind were the quietness and natural feel of the machine.

With standard fixed roller bicycles, you tend to be more and more aware of how you aren't actually moving. Even though you are training, the lighting isn't natural nor realistic and you can't judge or train how your body and bicycle moves together. But the FLEX is very sensitive to any slight movement – making it more like an actual outdoor run experience. Also, the bicycle isn't fixed with 3 rollers – the front wheel is secured but a natural amount of balance is required.

Therefore you have to ride with responsibility. The training also repeatedly goes from an extremely high level to a low, recovery level.

Therefore, you can train under a variety of balancing requirements.

It really surprised me how quiet it was, too.

I always listen to music when I train, but with this roller I didn't need to turn up the volume like normal. The volume I usually had to turn it to was too loud for speakers, so I had to wear earphones.

But now that problem can be eradicated. It's only a small thing, but it can really make a difference to everyday life. FLEX successfully overcomes all of the disadvantages of all past roller bicycle trainers.

Personally, the above two points are really big when making a decision on which bicycle to buy if using the roller as your main trainer. Flex solves these problems perfectly and has become the best training partner I could ever ask for!



R0010373Born on September 1, 1987  170cm/62kg

        ELITE TT  Winner
2012 Tour de Hokkaido  
       General Individual Time Classification 2nd
2013 Tour of Japan
       General Individual Time Classification 6th
       ELITE TT  Winner
       ELITE LOADRACE  2nd



GT-Roller Flex2 is one of the most prominent products from GROWTAC, a spirited manufacturer which brings this big innovation desired by every cyclist. The stand it is equipped with a damper for the front fork fixation part, reproducing the real ride feeling at a high level. Even if it is equipped with a simple shaking mechanism, it has a fascinating frame and load mechanism made with the latest technology in Japan and an ultra-high precision. It can be used to obtain different levels, from a light load to a heavy load, without losing the central vibration which reproduces the real ride feeling at a high level.

Personally, I spent four years in a university that was in a in the middle of a city with a lot of traffic lights. This is why I needed to increase my time efficiency and make the best use of my spare time, in order to compete with cyclists that lived in the outskirts, people with a lot of time to practice in area with good road conditions. If I finished my duties a little early, or if I had some time to spare, I would jump on bicycle. I needed to perform intense training to get a high quality training. But, to do this, I was bound to commute outside the city, wasting more than 2 hours. For me time was very important, of course. In weekends I trained outside the city, but in week days I had no choice but to use a home trainer.

This training was working well and, in the second period of my college studies, I came to obtain national level awards. However, when the level is rising, so does the problems. Along with the home training, I came to get used to an easy way to handle my power. This lead to an uncomfortable feeling when I was performing real cycling. Home trainers usually have nothing on the front wheel. As for the rear wheel, most cycling trainers have this wheel strongly fixed. This is why the trainer does not have the slightest vibration, no matter how hard it is pedaled. This is why, even if a slightly excessive power is applied, it accepts it without any problem. However, in a real race, the bike control is strict and has many hard aspects, like the position adopted and other factors. At that time, the best thing to do it was to perform real cycling training in weekends, while in daily training I had to be careful not to exert too much power on pedals when I was using the home cycling trainer.

After I have graduated from college, I performed professional cycling for 3 years. This arose in me a higher from of conscience. As a working adult, while I was using the home cycling trainer, I was again longing to take part in a race. Growtac GT-Roller Flex2 caught my attention, a home cycling trainer which has a control close to the real cycling. I have introduced this device to my daily acquaintance. It has been already one year since I am supporting it. It looks like this trainer is very popular now.

1. It has a profitable price, even for cycling trainers without shaking mechanism. Growtac is a company from Japan. It is designed by the engineers who resigned from major companies within certain countries and it is made from components produced by the high technology of various Japanese backstreet workshops. The load device with magnet, the rail, each bolt and other components are high quality products chosen regardless of their price range, offering a high durability and a sense of security.

2. You can use the load equipment at a high level, making possible a training with different gyro effects. When we use a low gear to climb a slope, the wheel's gyro effect (gaining stability while the wheel is spinning) decreases, so you have to keep your balance well with your whole body. In this case you can get a safe pedaling and a good balance, without grasping the handle, even for a low gear work out.

This is possible also for GT-Flex 2. The range of the is quite wide. if the maximum load is set to more than 300W, the wheel will spin at a relatively low gear and the gyro effect will be lost. Since the rear wheel is not fixed, you need the whole body to keep the balance. On the other hand, if you decrease the load, you can feel the stability when you spin the wheel.

3. The shaking mechanism reproduces a real ride feeling is at a high level. With its simple damper system, it is obtained a good control and balance while pedaling. It provides a good simulation of a ride on real road surface. Even if the front fork is fixed, it is totally safe. With its 3 rollers and a real ride effect, you can perform safely an impossibly aggressive workout (keeping the balance with one foot and other difficult exercises) which implies high instability.

In conclusion, for a working adult lifestyle, a home cycling trainer is essential to increase the competitive power. FT-Roller Flex2 is the best choice. FT-Roller Flex2 is a non-portable home cycling trainer with a high reliability, a wide range of loads and a fixation system which provides a shaking effect never obtained by other home cycling trainers.