【What is GT-eSMART】
GT-eSMART is a generic term for product series that make GT – Roller a smart trainer.
You can enjoy virtul ride Apps and control a resistance of GT-Roller by our officila App “GT-eRemote”, computer or cycle computers have the function for controlling the smart trainers(ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth FTMS) if you attach GT-eSMART to GT-Roller.

【What GT-eSMART can do?】
Virtual ride
You can enjoy virtual ride Apps like Zwift by communicating with smartphones and computers.(Formal correspondence is sequentially)
It calculates and reflects the load considering speed and slope by setting your weight.
You can ride with more accurate output on virtual ride Apps by calibrating from the actual measured value if you have a power meter.
GT-eSlope reproduces a slope gives you more realistic virtual ride if you use GT-eSlope for GT-Roller Q1.1.

Smart training
Our official App “GT-eRemote” extends a range of your trainings. *iOS only, as of August 2018
It can control an adjustment for resistance by 21 levels and slope and so on 細かに.
It can recreate training courses by downloading GPS data and trace courses you actually rode. *1
You can also do training programs made by youself.
It can do power training by using GT-Power. *2
*1 It can also be controlled with cycle computers (such as Garmin Edge 520) compatible with the trainer control function (ANT+ FE-C).
*2 GT-ePower is an assumed power value calculated from weight, speed, resistnace level and so on. An initial setting(as weight) can be done only from GT-eRemote.

【The recommented environment for use for GT-eSMART series】
Setting up GT-eSMART series needs the special GT-eRemote for smartphone.
GT-eRemote is compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. (As of August 2018)
You cannot use GT-eRemote if you do not have an iOS device, so the functions that can be set is restricted.
Please check from the page of GT-eRemote about the restrictions of function when you do not have an iOS devices (when not using GT-eRemote).

【Product list for GT-eSAMRT】

 Name  Overview

 Wireless control unit for GT-eSMART w
 This unit communicates with Virtual ride soft, etc via ANT+, Bluetooth and controls GT-ePower-F, etc connected based on the received information
 *Required for using GT-eSMART products
 [Price] Contact us please


 The electric resistance unit for GT-Roller Flex3, F3.2
Price: Contact us please

 GT-ePower-Q  The electric resistance unit for GT-Roller Q seires
Price: Contact us please
 GT-eSlope-Q  The elevator unit for GT-Roller Q series 
*Under development, will be on sale soon.

 The spcecial smartphone App for GT-eSMART
 This enables you to control GT-eSMART and display information received from GT-eSMART
 *Only iOS is supported at present
 *andoroid will be also supported after this.

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