Flex Brucut is a high-performance anti-vibration pad developed exclusively for GT-Roller Flex3. Just by laying it under GT-Roller Flex, it becomes an indoor trainer with a world-class level of low vibration.
We have succeeded in removing an average of 35% (*) of vibration at 25 to 50 km/h.
* Result of a test conducted internally, compared to GT-Roller Flex 3 placed directly on the floor. I

n June 2015, we changed the specification from stainless steel to painting, so that the price became more affordable.

The purpose of this product is to reduce vibration, not the noises during trainings. It is effective for low noises generated by vibration (a noise that feels to be coming from the whole room.)


Exclusive design for GT-Roller Flex3 フレックスブルカット

An exclusive design that does not impair the stability of GT-Roller Flex. フレックスブルカット

The rubber legs are tightly fixed, which prevents it from slipping during trainings. It was designed in a way that the roller height is reduced. フレックスブルカット


When Flex Brucut is used, the rear of GT-Roller Flex (roller unit) becomes 5-7 mm higher (the height varies according to the user's weight and floor condition.) So please level the roller by placing a rubber plate or a magazine under the frontal legs of GT-Roller Flex according to your necessity.



Usually, a considerably high effect can be obtained just by placing it under an indoor trainer, but depending on the floor structure and the place where the trainer is set, it may not show all of its capacity.
Even in the same room, two different spots have different floor hardness levels. A higher floor hardness generates lower levels of vibration, and is more silent as well. Also, depending on where it is set, inserting thin anti-vibration rubbers or sponges under Brucut 2 gives a better result.
The adjustment trick is to reduce the level of low noise (which feels like coming from the whole room) that occurs at habitual speed range.
We recommend that, after the adjustment, the trainer is set at the same place as before.


325mm x 165mm  x  17mm  Weight: 950g
Regular price: 6900 JPY (excluding tax)



We tested the effectiveness of Flex Brucut by comparing the floor vibration between when GT-Roller Flex3 is placed directly on the floor and when Flex Brucut is used.

Building: Wooden structure 2 floor, Flooring, Room F
Speed: 25km/h-50km/h






There was a reduction of up to 50% of floor vibration compared to when Flex3 was placed directly on the floor.
In average, it displayed an effect of 35%, demonstrating an extremely high anti-vibration capacity at all speeds, from low to high.



We tested the effectiveness of Flex Brucut by comparing it with fixed, 3 drum rollers, GT-Roller Flex3 placed directly on the floor.

Building: Wooden structure 2 floor, Flooring, Room D
Speed: 25km/h-50km/h