GROWTAC attend on EUROBIKE2016 that will be held in Germany,Friedrichshafen!!

GT-Roller Flex3 and GT-RolleQ1.1 debut in Europe.
We display its and you can test its.

GT-Roller Flex3


The pioneer of fork-mount home trainer.
Our home trainer gives you a feeling like riding outside by making aninstability on purpose.
So you can train practically,keeping your balance.
And our home trainer is quiet in the world highest level.

GT-Roller Q1.1


World's first ! Four rollers!
Four rollers assure you of a wonderful stability in comparison with a traditional three rollers.
Raising a front unit reproduces a uphill faithfully.
Using a load-adjusting function makes possible a wide range of trainings.

Q1.1 OptionUnit

The elevator of front is only for GT-Roller Q1.1.
It reproduces up to a road with an inclination of about 10 degrees(dividedinto eleven levels) by the wireless remote-control only for GT-Roller Q1.1.
The electric power supplying units only for GT-Roller Q1.1.
It has a variety of function and supplies various trainings for you.


Schenker Deutschland AG Neue Messe 3, 88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany
Hall: A1 Booth No.309