Taipei Cycle Show

We will participated in Taipei Cycle Show in collaboration with Nexo tire this year too.
Our booth number is S0902.
Be sure to come!


Hello there!
We participated in CABDA this year too!
It was often said that “Have you exhibited last year, right?”,
so we felt GT-Roller began to gradually be recognized in the Chicago neighborhood.
We will continue to do our best to propagate our trainer abroad.
Thank you!


Start to support Olympian!

Our GT-Roller Flex3 is very very slowly going for overseas.

We are about to start to support top athlete in Ukraine.

We are happy to might making her performance of Ms.Yuliya who participated in the Olympics up.

Good luck! Ms.Yuliya!


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GROWTAC attend on EUROBIKE2016 that will be held in Germany,Friedrichshafen!!

GT-Roller Flex3 and GT-RolleQ1.1 debut in Europe.
We display its and you can test its.

GT-Roller Flex3


The pioneer of fork-mount home trainer.
Our home trainer gives you a feeling like riding outside by making aninstability on purpose.
So you can train practically,keeping your balance.
And our home trainer is quiet in the world highest level.

GT-Roller Q1.1


World's first ! Four rollers!
Four rollers assure you of a wonderful stability in comparison with a traditional three rollers.
Raising a front unit reproduces a uphill faithfully.
Using a load-adjusting function makes possible a wide range of trainings.

Q1.1 OptionUnit

The elevator of front is only for GT-Roller Q1.1.
It reproduces up to a road with an inclination of about 10 degrees(dividedinto eleven levels) by the wireless remote-control only for GT-Roller Q1.1.
The electric power supplying units only for GT-Roller Q1.1.
It has a variety of function and supplies various trainings for you.


Schenker Deutschland AG Neue Messe 3, 88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany
Hall: A1 Booth No.309 

Q1.1 made have

We are making full!


GT-Roller Q1.1 release!

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